For veterinarians and non-DVM veterinary professionals in and around Austin, TX.

2018 CAVMA Board:

President: Gina Vance, DVM- president@capitalareavma.org

Vice President: Terri Wagner, DVM- vicepresident@capitalareavma.org

Treasurer: John Unflat, DVM- treasurer@capitalareavma.org

Secretary: Shelley Pasternak, DVM- secretary@capitalareavma.org

Past President: Eden Myers, DVM- pastpresident@capitalareavma.org


Veterinarians must renew their membership annually. They can become a member by simply filling out the survey below.

You can fill it out here:
A new survey will up soon for 2018. Please check back soon!




CONTACT INFO: Please email us directly and DO NOT comment on our pages or posts! We do not approve comments.


DVMs and Staff $75.00 annually ($100.00 if paid after April 1st) or $15.00 per meeting
* Your hospital may also pay $75/year for a rotating staff member (no DVMs) to attend each meeting. At the meeting, this person should sign the space on the sign-in sheet next to “Your Hospital’s Name – Staffmember.”

All dues are waived (free) for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 due to the sponsorship and support from Patterson Veterinary

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